I am a semi-independent, Bellevue-based, technical recruitment professional. I am in the early stage of a brand new search for one of my top clients in Downtown Seattle. We are looking for a key engineering hire. Leveling is open: mid-level, senior-level, or technical lead level are all interesting. This organization is doing some very disruptive work in the digital / immersive education space. They offer a wide range of truly next-generation smart-classroom products that are making some serious waves in the educational world. Fully integrated (hardware + software) end to end, interactive flat-panel solutions. Imagine something close to Minority Report in an academic classroom or corporate training/education setting. This role will have a particular focus on low level operating system engineering. C/C++, device drivers, kernel-level engineering, bare metal programming, bootloaders, firmware/embedded, etc. Experience with Android hacking a BIG plus, but interested in someone who's worked any major OS (Windows, OSX, etc). A 4 year Bachelors in STEM is *required* for this position. Solid FTE work history as well. Bonus points if you have Mandarin language capability. Company is part of an emerging global conglomerate in this space. Local team is small, very nimble, and politics-free. Feels like a startup environment. Full details on the company and a job description are available to anyone qualified interested in learning more. I've been helping local startups grow for over 13 years. I actually care a great deal about delivering a superior experience for you. What you can expect in working with me: • I completely understand and value the nature of confidential searches • Having an informational conversation doesn't obligate you to anything • I provide regular status updates and helpful, honest feedback from my clients • In general, I always advocate for your best interests If any of this intrigues you at all, please don't hesitate to reach out. Josh Clayton Joshc at triadgroup dot com