The person for this position will have at least 2 years experience coding in the following: HTML JavaScript Windows Server You do not need a college degree. You just need to be motivated and have a positive attitude. Duties include but will not be limited to: Client Side Design and Bug fixes Helping Employees get technically set up within the company. Installing New Computers Working on tasks assigned by Sr. Engineers Our company has been building our own platform for 6 years. We have 3 SR. engineers and do not have a client side only coder which is most definitely needed at the moment. If you don't know as much as you think you should know, please do not worry about that. We are more worried about a reliable and loyal team member than someone that knows everything. We have a lot to teach and share with the right person. We may ask you to do some studies on certain things such as MVC on Visual Studio. Pay will be determined on your skill level and availability. Please fill out the application below if you are interested in applying for the position. You will be contacted shortly after and given more information. If you can answer yes to these following then you may be a GREAT fit for us: 1: Are you motivated to be SUCCESSFUL? ( Are your income goals above $100k per year in the next 3 years?) 2: Are you SELF MOTIVATED? (Meaning you don't ALWAYS need to be told what to do because you take personal pride to make things happen.) 3: Are you a glass half full type of person? (Do you take the positive view over the negative view of things?) 4: Are you looking for permanent employment? (We are looking for individuals that are looking to establish a good paying LONG TERM career) 5: Are you looking to grow within the company? 6: Are you a able to work with music playing all the time? 7: Can you pass a background check SPECIFICALLY for sex offenders, fraud, or identity theft? 8: Can you pass a drug test for ILLEGAL drugs? (We are 420 friendly, its legal, so its on you to follow the laws. We do not allow any drug use without a prescription other than Marijuana, because it is legal in the state of Washington.) If you answered YES to ALL of these questions, please complete the application below and call us immediately to schedule your interview: