Click here to apply! At Coding with Kids, we are inspiring the next generation of innovators for the STEM careers of tomorrow! If you love kids and you love code, you will love being a part of our growing team. Coding with Kids teaches computer programming to K-12 students in after-school classes, evening classes and camps. We are looking for smart, motivated candidates to join our growing team. The ideal candidate has both experience working with children and has basic knowledge of computer programming concepts and languages. While that is the ideal candidate, if you are motivated to learn more in either area, we will provide training. The ideal candidate has experience teaching and programming knowledge, but we know that not everyone meets those criteria. Most importantly, we are looking for people with a passion for education! So if you have teaching experience and no programming knowledge, or programming knowledge and no teaching experience, there are opportunities for training if you're the right fit. Strong communication skills and the ability to confidently interact with children and parents is a must! Typically, instructors teach anywhere from 3 to 10 hours each week. This is dependent on several factors, such as your availability, course availability, your proximity to the schools we work with, and your level of experience. We offer competitive compensation. New instructors can make about $26 per class, and with bonuses, experienced instructors can reach $50 per class. Your Availability and Course Availability During the school year, most of our courses run after school hours (usually around 3:00pm) for about an hour. Our Centers (off-campus locations) run later courses that can be available from 5:00-8:00pm as well as weekend hours. Throughout the year we also run camps that go from half-day to a week long. These are typically scheduled during common school breaks and holidays, as well as during the summer. It is also important that you have your own transportation to get yourself from class to class, as some schedules are tight and public transportation would be difficult to manage. Your Experience Depending on your level of experience in the following areas, you have more opportunities to teach more courses. We offer training opportunities as well, so you can start off light and grow your course load as you learn. - Scratch - Python - Javascript - HTML & CSS - SQL - Arduino If you're excited to get started we are excited to speak with you! Submit your resume and some examples of your code. If you are accepted, you will be submitted to a background check as required by state education requirements. Click here to apply!