DMC Biotechnologies is seeking a software consultant available on a contract basis for development and deployment of a web-based platform for data visualization and management. This system will allow the DMC team to aggregate data from our experimental work (flat files, spreadsheets, web APIs), access it, and perform dynamic visualizations to learn as much as possible from our experiments. A working prototype has been developed, and DMC is looking for a self-starter software developer who can expand this platform, add new features, and make it more robust. Successful candidates will be familiar with the software stack described below and have excellent communication skills that allow them to work with the team to develop the most effective solution. We envision an iterative, agile process where a team works with the developer to identify sets of improvements to the platform, with feedback on the time and effort necessary for implementation. Ideally the developer can execute relatively short development cycles (2-6 weeks) to build out these work packages of new capabilities and features. Although work can be done remotely, we will require periodic face-to-face meetings to discuss progress and priorities, so this is not a 100% remote position. Our office is in East Boulder. Compensation negotiable based on qualifications and previous experience. -- Required Qualifications -- * Experience with Python-Django web development and deployment * Python numpy and pandas packages, analysis of structured data * Database design and management, especially postgreSQL * Basic HTML/CSS * Version control via Git and GitHub * Strong ability to write readable, maintainable code * Strong communication skills and ability to work with users to understand their needs -- Preferred Qualifications -- * Web development with javascript, HTML, CSS * Experience with Python data visualization, e.g. plotly * Experience with Python-Excel integration, e.g. xlwings, openpxyl * Basic statistics -- Nice to Have -- * Background in microbiology and/or chemistry Interested applicants should reply with cover letter and resume. Links or screenshots for a 'portfolio' of past web development work are welcome.