eAlchemy is looking for a smart, curious, and motivated .Net/VSTO/SQL developer to help our clients raise their productivity to new heights. Projects with our clients vary quite a bit, but they nearly always involve a wide array of data sources and types. We typically use a front-end/back-end architecture where the UI is often Excel and, increasingly, web based reports and dashboards. Projects are typically small to medium, generally lasting from a week to three months. Our service mentality sets us apart with our clients, and to be a successful member of our team you have to enjoy helping people. Our ideal candidate loves the challenge of software development, but not as its own end- they're interested in the business challenges as much as the code because that's where the real value is created. The best candidates will have great skills and experiences and be comfortable sharing these with their peers. We're based in Petaluma, CA, and our development team generally works from home 3 days/wk (currently in the office Monday and Wednesday). Please make sure you're willing to make that commitment prior to applying. For outstanding non-local candidates, a relocation stipend can be provided, but requires relocation within 20 miles of our Petaluma office. Finally, we're not looking to work with other tech services companies, so please don't solicit our business. Please don't email us. Instead, apply here: https://ealchemylabs.com/careers/ Desired Personal Characteristics Smart and Curious- You're very smart, but more importantly, you're driven to understand how things work. You listen well because you want to understand the person and the problem better. Accountable- You always feel personally responsible for the the success of everything you're affiliated with- quality, timelines, and budgets. You own the success and failures because you're passionate about success today and into the future. Constructive- You're focused on positive outcomes for the team above all else. Ego takes a back seat. You project a positive energy and demonstrate awareness and concern for how you and the work you put forward is perceived. Resilient & Flexible- You're very comfortable in an ever-changing and ambiguous world, comfortable admitting when you don't have the answer. Conversely, you should be savvy enough to know when failure is an acceptable outcome of measured risks. Service-minded- You have an innate desire to help others. You want everyone around you to be better, work better and enjoy more. Innovative- Innovation is driven by perceptiveness and creativity. Your curiosity, attention, and ability to cull masses of information enable you to see things that others don't- patterns, anomalies, and pitfalls. And, in really understanding the challenge at hand, you're able to apply creative solutions that address the real issue. About eAlchemy We're good people. To some, that doesn't matter much, but to us it's what matters most. It's the source of our growth--good people like to work with good people. We take our jobs, but not ourselves, seriously. We like to have fun, and we love helping other people solve their problems. Though we have high expectations and hire only great people, we're also fair, open, and honest. We'll accept nothing less from you! About Our Business eAlchemy is a small and soundly profitable technology consultancy based in Petaluma, CA. Founded in 2009, we've seen tremendous growth, and we are hiring in anticipation of sustained growth into the foreseeable future. We generally work with medium and large businesses, including several Fortune 500 companies--some of the most recognizable names in the Bay Area and beyond. Our customers span many industries (recruiting, retail clothing, and electronics), and we offer our expertise to help them use technology and data to solve problems and drive operational excellence. Our team has a diverse set of technology skills, but our expertise is most evident in the practical application of them. Our core focus is building applications for business operations. We typically work with VBA, .NET, SQL Server, and various other platforms. As necessary, we utilize partnerships we've developed over the years to complement our own skill sets. Requirements: 5 years minimum experience with .Net web development 3 years minimum experience with SQL and stored procedures Skills and/or experience to lead a team of developers Good communication skills (both written and verbal) Experience using VSTO is a plus VBA a plus Some familiarity with SSIS, SSAS, or SSRS A keen ability to understand business models and do root cause analysis on problems A willingness and ability to learn new concepts quickly You're a data magician--you love deriving business insights through thoughtful analysis of data sets Our benefits include: 401K Medical HSA (for qualifying plans) Paid time off (20 days/year for FT employees) Paid holidays (9 days/yr) Great work/life balance Flexible schedule Work from home 2-3 days/wk