Vibrant offers a unique opportunity for an entry-level software engineer: the ability to work close to the metal in the development process and carry a project from start to finish to end users. We have a wide array of interesting problems that need to be solved, and this position will provide opportunities to gain experience with various software development technologies and techniques. Vibrant was formed in 1990 to provide our users with applications that are used to analyze and solve vibration problems. We also provide machinery health monitoring systems and work closely with data acquisition providers to simplify the testing and monitoring process. Someone with 0 to 3 years of experience, problem-solving skills, and a desire to learn would fit well with our existing team of developers. Familiarity with the following languages, APIs, and development paradigms would be helpful, 1) C# 2) WPF 3) MVVM paradigm 4) MVC paradigm 5) Entity Framework 6) OO design (SOLID paradigm) 7) Layered Architecture 8) Agile Development 9) Visual Studio 10) Unit Testing 11) Azure DevOps (Git, and Wiki maintenance) 12) ASP.NET Core 13) .NET Web API (RESTful API)