We are producing an advertising campaign for a new security product for devices (mainly laptops). We're looking to gather short stories about device-specific breaches in businesses/ professional settings - for example phishing, unsafe wi-fi/sandboxing/virus, stolen passwords, stolen devices. We’re trying to find businesses that have had something like this happen to them and are willing to tell their story, i.e. basically be interviewed for a commercial. I was wondering if you might know of any people or companies who have this type of story, and might be willing to share it? Or maybe you know IT professionals who have access to clients who might have these kinds of stories? Or maybe you know a hacker or a CIO ? A Systems Administrator? It’s a commercial, so anyone we film will be paid for their time. We will also provide some compensation for any business we film at. We can be sensitive about names (both for the persons as well as the company) - the story is really the important part. We are looking to do three of these films in April, one in LA, and two in other US cities. Any thoughts or ideas you have will be greatly appreciated!