A Mediterranean like climate awaits you in Santa Barbara, CA -- south of Point Conception (Rincon, The Ranch and El Captain State Beach) where the wind picks up in the afternoon to create world-class waves. Swim, Surf, Sail or Hike. Come rip up the waves or come visit the world class wineries. And there is time to test your coding, scaling and performance enhancing skills on our rapidly growing cloudy AWS web stack, Go. We value diversity in every dimension and having the widest range of people skills and perspectives present on our 25 person and growing team enables the team to be great in all possible ways. Roll up your sleeves and get gritty on a small software engineering team You hustle, drive towards action, and don’t wait to be told what to do. You care deeply about code quality, readability, and communicating with others about code. We want to build a dynamic and diverse engineering team right here in Santa Barbara. And we shape our engineering culture with ideas and action. You get stuff done. We have all kinds of full time positions available here at Santa Barbara’s best paying software company. Come and have a better work-life balance without the traffic.