Apply Online at: Position Purpose: This position exists to analyze, design and program software and systems in support of critical college services and operations, with an additional focus on assisting the Enrollment Services department. Minimum Qualifications: Associates degree or equivalent in a related field. Three (3) recent years of experience in the full-spectrum of programming related to Essential Functions. Demonstrated experience programming for a back-end relational database using SQL, stored functions and procedures, and Data Definition Language. Preferred Qualifications: A Bachelor’s or Master’s Degree in programming, network administration or computer information technology. Experience with higher education administrative software systems, preferably Ellucian Banner. Experience with Ellucian ODS/EDW and/or third party reporting & business intelligence tools. Experience with Oracle, PL/SQL. Experience with Java, .Net, or other object oriented programming framework. Experience working in a development team. Experience with Groovy/Grails framework. Experience with Agile methodologies. Experience with identity management and authentication technologies such as LDAP, CAS, SAML, and Shibboleth. Experience with Student systems and processes, preferably Ellucian Banner. Experience with Data analysis and reporting systems, especially Evisions Argos & Tableau. Experience with Data Warehouse implementation, maintenance, and reporting. Experience with Linux/Windows systems administration. Experience working with end-users. Experience with systems and task automation. Project Management Experience. Essential Functions: Administrative Systems Programming Responsible for specification, design, programming, maintenance and administration of relational database software, and web services that supports the college-wide Ellucian Banner environment and related systems. Web Services Programming Design, develop, and implement user-self-service capabilities within the Ellucian Banner environment; integrate a variety of technologies in the production of web based applications to support users, departments, and team members in their use of self-service ERP, e.g. web forms, reporting systems, and portals. System/Task Automation Programming Design, develop, and implement tools and systems that automate or partially automate manual tasks performed either by the IT department or other groups college-wide. Consultation & Support Participate in need and process analysis with functional teams in creating technical solutions to include workflows, reports, and data stores; provide consultation and support service in the development, integration, and evolution of Ellucian Banner as a self-service ERP. Problem solve and manage sensitive information with appropriate awareness of FERPA standards; maintain confidentiality and sensitivity to the privacy needs of students. Other duties as assigned. Equity and Inclusion Demonstrate Lane’s core value of social justice by ensuring equity and inclusion skills such as respect, inclusiveness, reflecting, valuing of cultural and personal differences, are the basis of employee and student interpersonal communications and relationships, and are applied to all position responsibilities. Duties are carried out respectfully inclusively, regardless of age, color, disability, gender, gender identity or expression, social class, marital status, national origin, race, ethnicity, religion, sexual orientation, veteran’s status, nationality, age, language, origin or employment status. Must demonstrate an active concern for meeting the needs of students, staff, and the public. Apply Online at: