Get on a fast train. Learn, grow and have fun. We're a fast growing lodging and travel business that owns and operates Inns, Resorts & Vacation Rental homes. Although everything we do is important - our network systems are critical. And we need a PAR TIME fast moving, fast thinking Network Administrator to help us handle the growth. You wold be working part-time 10-20 hours per week job along side one current system administrator and with a stable company. We are located on Seattle's Capital Hill and you must live in Seattle, or very near by. Much of the work can be done remotely but you must be available to run to the office when needed, and attend occasional meetings eery week or two. We are small getting bigger. You won't get rich to start, but you could as we grow. Our expansion (and our person income) is limited only by our imagination and our work ethic. There is even provide free travel every now and then. You need to be well versed on all facets of Windows Network systems including Domain Control, File servers, Web Hosting, Email, SQL Server< remote Desktop and more. We operate our own hyperV server but may consider relocating that to the cloud. We have created the world's best lodging management software but do not sell it. Instead, the platform is used for our affiliated dozen offices but we will be adding more offices as we go along. You will work directly with the CEO and other key people, including our super smart ASP and VB programmers too. We will be building these offices first in the Northwest and then later elsewhere so when that happens you will have the option of traveling a bit but it won't be over whelming. And by then we'll add to the systems staff and spread out the duties. We also need someone who wants to be part of a smart team. We are very small but move fast and want to move faster with your help. You will be the only System Admin on our team. We want someone who can work independently but understands how to communicate with others and display professional commitment and authority at all times. We want someone who likes to make things happen. And just to be clear - please if you have personal problems, baggage, hang-ups, alcohol or drug problems or any thing that will stop you from achieving great success and income with us please do not apply. - - - - The job pays up to $20 per hour to start (based on $40,000 if a full time annual salary), insurance and paid time off PTO are are available. The rate of pay will go up if you are good at what you do. The work is located on Seattle's capital hill and the hours are flexible but you will be on call for infrequent repairs and maintenance. You MUST be located very close to our offices. We apologize but please do not apply if you live further away. We do not pay for travel time or relocation. See and apply today. Tell us what you can do. Hurry, we want to hire someone right away.