If you have an interest in working in cybersecurity and need help getting started with training, let's connect. Our goal at The Prelude Institute is to train people with no experience into world-class cybersecurity analysts in six months. We also act as your personal employment concierge - helping you with your resume, negotiating your salary and matching you with the right employer. Our first class launches April 29th in two live, concurrently taught locations - Seattle, WA and Manchester, NH. 1. Training - Starting April 29th, attend our full-time (Mon-Fri, 9am-5pm), classroom training that covers a complete curriculum to prepare you to become a Cybersecurity Analyst or Incident Response Analyst. 2. Externship - Gain employer exposure and experience during a 1 month externship for on-the-job training in October. 3. Job Placement - Once you have successfully completed the training and externship, you are eligible to receive job placement support to begin your full-time role in the field. No experience or prior cyber knowledge required to join this program. Apply now to be included in the first cohort. Read about the program cost, instructors and more on our website at https://www.preludeinstitute.com/cybersecurity/our-promise.html As a Cybersecurity Analyst you will work as part of a team of security professionals to help protect an organization's information and computing assets, as well as the private data of the organization's users and customers. You will employ a variety of skills and technologies to monitor critical networks, computers, and software to detect attacks on the organization, and help to prevent data breaches and other problems from occurring. There is no more dynamic, exciting, and arguably important industry in the world today than cybersecurity. With an average projected starting salary of $86,000, it's a great career to get started in. There are two key things we look for in our applicant assessment and during the interview: 1 - Grit. Are you able to push through challenges and overcome the rigorous tasks we put in front of you? 2 - Do you have a "security mindset"? Cybersecurity is an industry that you can truly thrive in, even if you have no experience today. We'll help get you there. Visit our website to learn more and apply. https://www.preludeinstitute.com/cybersecurity/our-promise.html