Do you use video chat apps? Do you like to give feedback to software developers? If so, we want to hear from you! This is a chance to you to directly impact the next generation of video chat applications and make them better for you and for everyone else. We’re looking for people with strong communications skills to help test and evaluate our applications. Use your video-enabled PC or MAC from the comfort of your home. Once you sign up and complete our screening survey, we'll invite you to start testing. Each quality test you complete will pay $10.00, and each test will not take more than 20 minutes. Tests will involve being on-line with many other testers at the same time, and will be announced a couple of hours in advance. Test volume fluctuates, so think of it as a way to make some extra money, and not as a source of constant income. Your participation in the tests will allow our engineers to fine tune their hardware and software in the cloud, and your comments will go directly to our developers so they can make our apps easier to use. Sign up for more info HERE: To take tests and get paid, you'll need: - A recent model, video-capable Windows PC, MAC or laptop with Chrome as the default browser - Webcam and headset (testing will require using headsets and not speakers) - Administrator privileges on your PC/MAC to be able to install / update software - A 5 Mbps or faster Internet connection - Agree to our terms and conditions as a beta tester - Be 18 or older We look forward to hearing from you! - The Vuemix Team